Beowulf Dog / Cat Food Sample

Request a free dog/ cat food sample from Beowulf Natural Feeds. A holistic, antibiotic and hormone free, all natural pet food.

Quote From Site: "After a few weeks on Beowulf Back to Basics diet, your dog or cat will be visibly fit, have a healthier energy level, and a sleeker, shinier coat. Some owners have even reported their pets' chronic conditions were alleviated or eliminated entirely with a regular diet of Back to Basics."

Visit the Beowulf Natural Feeds website to learn more about this product and to request your free sample.

This free sample is requested through e-mail.

What do I have to provide:

Daytime phone number
How / where you heard about them
Sample requested
What kind(s) of dog and/or cat you have

FYI: Does not state who is eligible. One sample per household.

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