Free button from the Blarthic Hug-Horde

Get one of the buttons on the Blarthic Hug-Horde website, and wear it around in public. If you see someone else wearing one, hug them! If someone who doesn't have the button asks you about it, send them to their website so they can get their own. (Or give them one, if you have extras.) And offer them a hug, of course!

To learn more and request your free button visit blarthsday.com

This is an e-mail freebie.

What do I have to provide:


FYI: Doesn't state who is eligible.

After registration form was sent:

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leealice said...

They are now charging 89 cents.

Sammie said...

Thanks for the heads up on this one, and for visiting Freebie Fanatics!!