Free Boz the Bear DVD and Book

This is a nice one for the children. You will receive a free DVD, a read-along book, BOZ's own video scrapbook, and more!

Don't delay as there is a limit on this one!

Quote From Site:"Welcome to BOZ's Neighborhood!

BOZ, The Green Bear Next Door, loves exploring God's world and discovering exciting new things with his friends Drew and Gracie, their family, and all their friends in the neighborhood.

While your children are attracted to the wonderful stories, great sing-along songs, and fanciful animation, you will appreciate what makes BOZ unique.

BOZ is the only DVD series that combines faith, education and family into one exciting and fun-filled show. BOZ helps reinforce the values you are already teaching your preschoolers.

As our way of introducing BOZ to your family, we'd love to provide you with a FREE DVD sampler. This special DVD includes a full BOZ episode, a read-along book, BOZ's own video scrapbook, and more!"

To learn more about Boz the Bear and to request your free DVD sampler click here.

What do I have to provide:

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FYI: Hurry! This offer is only for the first 5,000 people who register, so don't wait.You must be at least 18 years old. USA

After registration form was sent: Thank you for visiting BOZ's Neighborhood! We have received your request and the BOZ DVD sampler will soon be on its way to your home. This special FREE DVD includes a full BOZ episode ("Counting on God's Love" from the BOZ DVD Thank You God For…Colors and Shapes), a read-along book (Good Morning BOZ), BOZ's own video scrapbook, and more! We hope you and your family enjoy your DVD, as well as getting to know BOZ, The Green Bear Next Door.™

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