Fizzy Wizzies Samples

Make bath time fun for your little ones with these free samples of Fizzy Wizzies.

OK, I know what your saying... what is a Fizzy Wizzies. I'm glad you asked.

Quote From Site:"Fizzy Wizzies are colorful, effervescent tablets that fizz up the water and make kids' bath time fun and educational.

The large tablets come in three primary colors -- red, blue and yellow -- and can be mixed together to create a world of different color."

You will receive 25 free sample tablets, enough for 5 to 8 baths.

Visit their website to learn more about this product and request a free sample.

What do I have to provide:

Phone number
How you heard about Fizzy Wizzies

FYI: USA only. One sample per address and family.

After registration form was sent: Thank you for your sample order. Sample order usually ship out within 48 hours

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