Free Disney Vacation Secrets Revealed DVD

For anyone interested in taking a Disney vacation (like my family is planning) here is your chance to grab a free Disney Vacation Secrets Revealed DVD.

Quote From Site:" Watch the Disney Vacation Secrets Revealed DVD to Discover a whole world of extraordinary vacation opportunities. Also get a rare behind-
the-scenes look at Disney Theme Parks!

DVD Highlights:

Explore our Resorts designed to meet your family's needs

Discover over 500 worldwide dream destinations

Listen to stories from current Members about their experiences

Learn about the many Member benefits

Find out how you can become a Member"

You can order a free copy of the DVD, or you can watch it online.

Link to Disney DVD

What do I have to provide:

Age Range
Phone number
Additional information

FYI: USA, Canada and some select countries

After registration form was sent: Thank you for ordering your free DVD. You should receive your copy of Disney Vacation Secrets Revealed in 10-14 days

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