Free Auto & Home Teen Driver Handbook

Thank you to Malerie for sending this in. You are a great help to me Malerie, thank you. One of my children are less than a year away from learning to drive, and I know my husband has no patience to teach him how to drive.

Free teen driver handbook

Quote From Site:" Order this FREE award-winning parent handbook written by MetLife® Auto & Home and reviewed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration* (NHTSA) which outlines routine driving skills into lessons parents can teach their teen.


Staying Cool as a Co-Pilot
What to Do Before Each Trip
Helping Them See
Helping Them Follow in Traffic
Controlling Speed
Safe Space and the Vehicle
Deciding When to Go
Communicating on the Road"

Visit the MetLife® website to order your free teen driver handbook.

What do I have to provide:



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