Coffee House Party Kit

This is an interesting one and for a good cause.

Quote From Equal Exchange website: " Equal Exchange has a brand new House Party Kit, offering opportunities for more conversation about Fair Trade and coffee, while you gather, sip and relax. Show a new brief video about coffee and how shoppers can make a difference for small scale farmers. Watch, savor the coffee, tea and chocolate, and discuss what we can do.

To also receive coffee to brew at your house party, chocolate, tea, stickers, a cocoa recipe booklet, Java Jive newsletters, a Brew Guide, and a promotional video, please fill out the form below. Thanks for your support of Equal Exchange and Fair Trade."

Visit their website to learn more about this and to request your free House Party kit.

What do I have to provide:

Phone number
Date of party
Answer three questions in regards to party

Don't forget to download the House Party Kit guide while at their website

FYI: USA only

After registration form was sent:

Dear Fair Trade Friend,

We’re so excited about you taking Fair Trade to the next level, into your living room and your community. We will send your house party packet to you 2 weeks prior to the house party date in order to ensure the coffee is its freshest. But the real challenge still lies ahead… pulling off a good Fair Trade house party takes time, effort and gumption!

Within a month after you receive the Equal Exchange house party packet, please do this - send us an evaluation. Email us what happened. Did you have a house party? How did the coffee taste? What were the juicy conversations, questions about? These kitchen conversations ignite social change on a global level… with you. Believe it. We want you to succeed so follow the instructions of the kit, take the bold step of inviting friends over for a cup of joe and dream of a better world.

Congratulations and welcome to our Fair Trade Team!
Daniel Steinberg
Equal Exchange Organizing Department

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