Diet Seven Up Samples

Free Diet 7up

Seven up is giving away free challenge kits if you register. They are actually called Taste Challenge kits with the reinvented Diet 7UP competing against other diet lemon lime soft drinks.

Quote From Site: "Each kit contains the New Diet 7UP and two other competing diet lemon lime soft drinks. Try each of the soft drinks, and let your taste buds tell you which is best. We're confident you'll love the New Diet 7UP."

Hurry on this one as it will go fast.

What do I have to provide:

Birth date
Create password
Confirm password
Home phone number
Opt to receive receive future newsletters, emails, and notices of promotional offers from 7UP
Short survey

FYI: USA residents only. While supplies last. Diet 7UP Taste Challenge Promotion ends 5/20/07.

After registration form was sent: Thank you. We have received your request for a Diet 7UP Taste Challenge kit. Your kit will arrive in four to six weeks.

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