FREE Detox Pad and FREE pH Tests

Thanks to Kimmie for sending this in:

No, this is not something you use while your laying on your floating lounge in your pool and sipping your favorite alcoholic beverage.

Request your free samples of Detox pads and pH tests

Quote From Site: "ph tests reduce the acidity of stored wastes in your body by balancing your pH. Detox pads are made with herbs traditionally used to help nutritionally support the normal cleansing of the body of waste materials, including those resulting from the activity of heavy metals and chemicals"

Visit their website to learn more about these product and get your free samples.

Never heard of these Kim, but thank you for sending freebie to us.

What do I have to provide:


FYI: I'm assuming this is U.S. only for the form has U.S. in country field

After registration form was sent: Thank you for your interest.

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