Free sample diaper with rash cream pre-applied

Quote From Site: "The product (patent-pending) is a diaper on which an anti-rash cream has been pre-applied. Upon using the diaper, a protective sheet is removed to expose the cream. The diaper is now ready for fastening. This "1-Step" approach increases the effectiveness, cleanliness, speed and safety of the diaper changing process by eliminating the need for a “2-stage" approach, thus avoiding the separate manipulation of the diaper and the cream."

To get your free diaper with rash cream pre-applied, visit the site and fill out the form.

This is something different. Interesting idea. Hope they deliver

Main site: http://www.joncinandsons.com/

What do I have to provide:

Phone number
How did you hear about them
Your Child / Children’s diaper size

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