Free Stainless Steel Corkscrew

Just want to let everyone know that we are very skeptical on this offer. Not many post on their Facebook page, no link to their Facebook page from their website and at one point, they didn't even have a line for your street address.

We are posting the offer BUT please make sure that IF you request this one, you use a junk email address and have other freebie protectors in place.

"Test your wine knowledge with our quiz and get a free stainless steel corkscrew!"

To get your Free Stainless Steel Corkscrew, you must answer a few questions.

Question 1: Which wine is healthier? – Red Wine

Question 2: Wine is made from … – Grapes

Question 3: Which country produces the largest volume of wine per year? – Italy

Question 4: The oldest winery in North America still producing wine today is located: – in Mexico

Question 5: The vintage date on a bottle of wine refers to the year: – the grapes were harvested


What do I have to provide:

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