Free Kitchen Kids Cooking Brochure

Wisconsin Cheese is offering a Free PDF download of their Free Kitchen Kids Cooking Brochure.

"The Kitchen Kids brochure is a colorful, easy-to-use recipe and tip-sharing booklet geared for young cooks. It features 12 innovative recipes and photos, everything from:

* Get-Stuffed French Toast, filled with creamy Wisconsin Havarti.

* A trio of kid-sized Sliders topped with Wisconsin Mozzarella, Feta and Brick.

* Bite-sized Cheddar Olive Pops, perfect as an after-school snack.

* Jelly Jewel Cookies, which uses a Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese dough topped with dollops of sparkling fruit jelly.

More than a cooking brochure, Kitchen Kids also highlights tips on age-appropriate cooking activities, kitchen safety and preparation methods perfect for interesting even the youngest chef.

FYI: Worldwide

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