Free EasyMoney App For Android (You Save: 9.95)

Today's (1/19/12) Free Android App is EasyMoney by Handy Apps Inc (You Save: 9.95).

"Product Features

* Quick and easy transaction input with a home screen widget for even faster data entry

* Convenient notifications of upcoming and overdue bills for both one-time payments and recurring bills

* Interactive reports and graphs that let you analyze income, expenses, cash flow, and balance over various customizable date ranges

* Ability to set monthly budgets on specific accounts and/or categories to monitor them via color-coded budget health bar charts

* Capacity to take photos of bills and receipts

EasyMoney is a personal finance app that combines an expense tracker, a checkbook register, a budget manager, and a bills reminder. EasyMoney provides a rich, detailed window into your finances. A simple and intuitive data entry system is combined with a wealth of easily accessible financial information. Input your bills and never lose track of payments. Analyze how and where your money is being spent. Set spending limits on a variety of customizable categories.

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