Free BDLot Blu-ray Ripper Software

LotSoft is offering Free downloads of their BDLot Blu-ray Ripper Software.

BDlot Blu-ray Ripper is a Blu-ray decrypting and copying tool for users to backup Blu-ray discs in HDD. With BDlot Blu-ray Ripper, you could:

1. Protect your favorite DVDs easily from cracking, scratching, other damages or loss, ignoring any mainstream Blu-ray protections, such as BD ROM Mark, BD+, BD-Live, UOPs, AACS, region code, etc.

2. Enjoy the perfect Blu-ray DVD quality with 1:1 back up of original Blu-ray movies contents (BDAV M2TS audio track, subtitle track, video track, and menu), deleting those annoying FBI and Interpol messages and useless subtitle or audio tracks.

3. Transcode Blu-ray to MKV, MP4 and other formats and watch it on iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android-based HTC phones, Samsung mobiles, tablets, as well as other popular portable gadgets.

Download your Free BDLot Blu-ray Ripper Software with license code BV-VSEYEDJJ-QQMRIP

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FYI: Worldwide. Must activate the software before Jan 16, 2012.

What do I have to provide:

Download and activate License Code

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