25 Free Kindle E-book Downloads

Here are 25 new Kindle eBooks available for you for Free! Start reading these ebooks on your Kindle and other devices in under a minute!

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Christmas is Coming: A Novel by Megan Jendrick

Robbie Stories by Andreas Ceatos

The Memoirs of a Prague Executioner by Josef Svátek

The Secret Power Beneath by Frank Acland

Wild Horses by Misty Jean

SANCTION by Jim Magwood

Blood Lust by JE Gurley

Tomboy Road (Telluride Trilogy) by Nikki Duvall

Sam the Night Person (Night Person Series, Book One) by Lisa Rusczyk

The Pacifica (A Reef Waters Adventure) by C.M. Loomis

Absolution by Miriam Herin

Covert Reich by A.K. Alexander

How Many Fish? (A Silly Counting Picture Book) by Robert Stanek

The Lion and the Lark by Doreen Owens Malek

Cincinnati Reds IQ by Tucker Elliot

Waypoint (Waypoint series) by K. Jered Mayer

Tasty Low Carb Holiday Meals The Family Will Love by Arthur Wolf

Baked Salmon Recipes by Gina S. Rawlin

Easy, Fabulous Bread Making by Barbara Mack

Greek Cooking For Beginners by Despina Tsolakidou

The Most Popular Vietnamese Cooking Recipes - JSz Cooking Network

Abby Linford and Her Imaginary Friend by Christopher J. Smith

Arboregal, the Lorn Tree by D.G. Sandru

The Ghost Toucher by Gerald Rice

Stumbling Forward (The Perpetual Campaign; Book 1) by Christopher Truscott

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