Free 2012 Accugenix Calendar

Here's another 2012 calendar from Accugenix.

Request your Free 2012 Accugenix Calendar.

FYI: USA. Company name and e-mail required.

What do I have to provide:

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Anonymous said...

This is not a free calendar. Accugenix is a B2B company, and they will verify all information prior to sending.

Sammie said...

Are you telling me that after they verify your business information that they still won't send you the calendar? If so, why do they post the offer on their website?

Anonymous said...

The offer on the website is meant for Leads, Prospects and Current Customers. It does not state anywhere that the calendar is "FREE." Accugenix is a privately held company, and some of these Freebie websites have used the copyrighted image without permission. Accugenix has the right to send to those companies directly involved with the industries it serves.