Free Samples of DHC Skin Care Products

"Trust DHC, the #1 direct mail skincare company in Japan, for more beautiful skin. With a legacy of over 30 years in Japan creating high-quality products based on the natural benefits of olive oil, DHC is here to help you achieve more radiant skin."

Visit the DHC website to learn more and to request your Free Samples of DHC Skin Care Products.

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roger warren said...

no way is it free..they want all credit card info..no way i'm providing that!!!

Sammie said...

They changed the offer Roger. When I first posted this there was a sample box at the top of the sign up form (see my FYI in the post). When you clicked it you didn't need credit card info. I'm like you and don't like to add my credit card info. For things that do require credit card info, I have one of those prepaid cards with a minimum balance. Thanks for your comment.