Free 2011 St. Pauli Girl Poster

"The St. Pauli Girl poster is a tradition that dates back to the 1970s, and this year the St. Pauli Girl poster will reach a major milestone. We are nearing 3,000,000 posters produced, and to commemorate this landmark, one lucky fan will win an unprecedented St. Pauli Girl prize, including:

Special autographed St. Pauli Girl commemorative poster personally delivered by 2011 St. Pauli Girl Spokesmodel Jennifer England

The chance to meet St. Pauli Girl Spokesmodel Jennifer England at a participating St. Pauli Girl bar or restaurant within 5 miles of the winner’s principal residence (where legal)

St. Pauli Girl prize pack including hats, t-shirts and more"

To receive a Free 2011 St. Pauli Girl Poster, enter your information on their website and if you would like to enter the St. Pauli Girl 2011 Poster Milestone Sweepstakes, please check the Enroll in Sweepstakes.


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