Free 500 Moosejaw Points (Free T-Shirt)

You have to be a member of Moosejaw to get the 500 Free Moosejaw points. As of this post they are offering Free T-shirts for 500 points!

"MoosejawRewards.com is all about gear and clothing at NO CASH COST, adventure and fun in a loving and punctual world. Actually, it is really just about getting gear and clothing at no cash cost. Use your reward points to buy a Moosejaw T Shirt, a North Face Fleece, an Arcteryx Pack and much, much more."

For those of you that aren't members, visit Moosejaw to create your account.
After you create your account you can request your 500 Free Moosejaw Points.

Look around on Rewards page to see what they have to offer and to look for T-shirts in the 500 point range.

** Thank you Megan **

FYI: Worldwide

What do I have to provide:

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After registration form was sent: "Your Points have been added and should show up in 24-48 hours."

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