Free Newsweek Mobile App for Android

Free Newsweek Mobile App for Android by Handmark, Inc.

You can give the Newsweek Mobile App a try on your computer to see if you like it before you download it to your android device.

Feeling inundated by to much information? "Newsweek Mobile offers in-depth insight and analysis into the most significant issues of the day with opinion-leading stories from the most influential names in news. That much is in the Newsweek tradition. What's new is the innovative way the news and analysis is organized. When launched, Newsweek Mobile presents the latest headlines, updated daily, for the currently selected category. Tap the handy window shade tab at the top of the screen to view a list of all categories and quickly access any part of the app."

You will need to install Amazon Appstore on your mobile phone or tablet.

FYI: Free Today 3/28 Only!

What do I have to provide:

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Tom said...

You certainly won't be inudated by information with this app. It rarely updates anything.