Free Juno Baby CD

The Juno Company is having a scavenger hunt where you go to their website (TheJunoCompany.com) and search for 10 Teddy Bears. If you find all 10, you score a FREE CD.

They were originally offering t-shirts, but they’ve run out of their supply so they are now offering free CDs.

You're looking for an image of a teddy bear image that you will click on and get a congratulations message.

After some searching the team at Freebie Fanatics (with some outside help) have scored their Free Juno Baby CD:



Juno Awards

About Juno

Juno iPhone App

Juno Jr About

What Makes Juno Special



Newsletter signup

When you get to the last bear on the newsletter sign up page it will state "Congratulations! You found the last teddy. Thanks for participating in Indie's hunt to find his lost friend. Click here to redeem your Free T-shirt!" Click and it will take you to the offer page!


What do I have to provide:

T-shirt size
Boy or girl
Opt in box
Terms and conditions
Family Info

After registration form was sent: "Thanks! We have had such a great response for the hunt that we ran out of shirts. However, we will be substituting the shirt for a CD, and you will still be entered in the contest for an ipod touch."

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