Free Charlie Sheen Bi-Winning Bracelet

"You’ve probably seen Charlie Sheen’s new term “bi-winning” come up on social networks or heard co-workers relentlessly repeat it, but you probably don’t completely appreciate it.

Most people pay through the nose for home comfort; they buy heating oil or propane in the winter then run old inefficient air conditioners in the summer. But, home owners who’ve installed a geothermal system use the free heating & cooling ability of the ground to cut their bills in half – WINNING!

Geothermal, like Charlie Sheen, is not for everyone. If you’re a home owner burning heating oil or propane, have a quarter acre or more, plan on living in your home for another 7 years, or need to replace your HVAC system then it’s time to contact a geothermal contractor.

Get a Free Charlie Sheen Bi-Winning Bracelet courtesy of GeothermalGenius.org then contact a geothermal contractor."

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