FREE $15 Sephora Gift Card (UPDATE!!)


For those of you that took the Free $15 Sephora Gift Card, this applies to you.

Instead of them sending out $15 Sephora Gift Cards they are sending out Free $15 Amazon Gift Cards. Look in your e-mail box for an email that reads Amazon.com Gift Card: Beauty Survey sent you an Amazon.com Gift Card!‏

This is what the e-mail states: "Thanks for completing a survey about Cover FX. We received thousands more responses than expected and have been working hard to process a reward for everyone. We apologize for the delay. Processing the high volume of Sephora gift cards has proven difficult in a timely fashion. To reward everyone without further delay, we are providing you with a $15 Amazon gift card instead. The survey was conducted by a research firm not associated with Cover FX. Thanks for your patience and understanding."

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