Free Chocolate Covered Fortune Cookies (Friday, 10/29/10)

From Fortune Cookies on Facebook:

"Okay Facebook fans! If we reach 6,000 fans by Friday we will have another Free Sample Friday where you can get your own samples of our famous Fancy Fortune Cookies for FREE!"

they further state:

"Alright, Thank You everyone for helping us break 6,000 fans!!!! Since we did that so quickly, lets up the anti! If we reach 10,000 fans by Friday we will pop a couple chocolate dipped fortune cookies into each sample as well. May Good Fortune be with you!

Fortune Cookies Wow! Thanks everyone for the great feedback! and for continuing to invite your friends and family!!! We will have details posted on Friday on how to get your free samples. Have a lucky day!!!!"

Make sure you check Facebook tomorrow (Friday, 10/29/10) to request your Free Chocolate Covered Fortune Cookies.

** Thank you Heather **


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