1000 Free Conan O’Brien Shirts (per day for the next 10 days)

From Team Coco:

"You read that correctly: 1000 Free Conan O’Brien Shirts, a day for ten days. Every day is a different shirt.

Hey, we have free t-shirts! And we want you to have them.


1.) Follow @TeamCoco on Twitter**.

2.) At some point each day, we will send out a tweet that contains a SPECIAL CODE AND LINK.

3.) Get your ass to that link and put in the code as fast as possible, and BAM. YOU JUST GOT YOURSELF A FREE LIMITED EDITION TEAM COCO SHIRT.

Team Coco is counting down to Conan's return on November 8th by giving away 1,000 free, limited-edition Conan shirts a day! Here's how it works: follow @TeamCoco on Twitter to get the daily code and enter it here. The first 1000 fans that enter the code below get that day's shirt. It's that easy!"

FYI: **(By the way, you don't need to actually belong to Twitter to get a shirt; if you don't belong to Twitter and don't want to, you can just keep an eye on our Twitter page, and keep refreshing all day, waiting for the special tweet to show up. Joining Twitter and following us will just give you a much, MUCH better chance of scoring a free shirt). USA. October 30 through November 8.

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