Free Palin-Beck in 2012 Sticker

"Palin-Beck 2012... Vote on the Best Slogan

Since the Far Right -- and the Tea Party especially -- seems so enamored with Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck, we decided to let our supporters take a crack at some potential campaign slogans for a Palin-Beck presidential ticket in 2012. We are down to the final round of voting -- vote for your favorite out of our five finalists.

The winning slogan will be made into a sticker, which we will send you for participating in the contest after the voting rounds are complete. After you vote, we will send you an email to confirm your email address before registering your entry."

Visit People For the American Way to vote and to request your Free Palin-Beck in 2012 Sticker.


What do I have to provide:

Sticker selection
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After registration form was sent: "Thank you for Voting! Before you can be eligible to have your vote counted and receive your sticker, you must confirm your valid email address. You will receive an email from People For the American Way at the address you entered shortly. Please click on the link within that email to confirm your email address."

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