FREE iPad Cleaning Cloth

"So as you surely know there is not a cleaning cloth included with the new Apple iPad…no big deal…we have got you covered..FOR FREE!

Why do I need a Cleaning Cloth for my iPad?

Here is why you need it: well you already know why…you have tons of smudges and fingerprints that will simply wipe away without any harsh chemicals or scratches to your baby with a high quality cloth…it really is a shame that they didn’t include one…but then we wouldn’t be here to help you out…we would be playing on our iPads like you instead!

We will send your FREE iPad Cleaning Cloth VIA standard USPS in a regular ole envelope (cause it is nice and compact and comes in a nifty plastic case that you can slip in your pocket, wallet or iPad Case or if you are feeling CRAZY just use some double sided tape and mount that bad boy to the back of your iPad!)"

FYI: USA. You must confirm your e-mail.

What do I have to provide:

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