3 Free BluntVille Cigars (with stamped envelope 18+)

Before the shots ring out and the e-mails are sent stating "This is not free", this offer requires a STAMPED ENVELOPE to get the 3 Free BluntVille Cigars.

"Cigars are Meant to be Enjoyed and Appreciated. But in these busy times, day or night, it's hard to find the time to fully appreciate a fine quality cigar smoke. Well now with BluntVille Cigars new "Fast or Slow Burning system", you can! You'll no longer have to relight that old cigar or worse, throw out a half smoked cigar. And with BluntVille's unique foil packaging you're guaranteed a fresh cigar everytime."

Download the 3 Free BluntVille Cigars form, fill it out and send in with a stamped envelope.

FYI: USA. 18 years or older.

What do I have to provide:

Download form, fill out and send in with a stamped envelope.

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freebies lover said...

I already get the freebies. Great sharing here, i will follow your blog
Thanks again