Free full version of UniBlue DiskRescue 2009

Complete the form at http://mag.uniblue.com/apcmag/au/signup/ to receive your serial number to activate your full version of DiskRescue including 1 year of Active Protection.

"DiskRescue comes to save your system from the harmful effects of disk fragmentation. With characteristic cool Uniblue styling and simple-to-use design, DiskRescue is the effective solution to the fragmentation of your hard disk. Able to run on command, or launch defrags proactively when scheduled, DiskRescue fixes your disk fragmentation problems leaving you free to enjoy improved performance.

Defragment your hard drive for better PC performance."

FYI: Worldwide. "This free version of Diskrescue includes 12 months of ActiveProtection - product updates and support."

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After registration form was sent: "Thank you for submitting your information
You will receive an email notification with the instructions to activate the full version of DiskRescue 2009."

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1 Comment:

Christina said...

What does this do so differently that your regular defrag doesn't? How is your regular defrag so harmful and this isn't?