Free Ray & Terry's Supreme Nutritional Supplement Shake

"We invite you to try Ray & Terry's Supreme Nutritional Supplement Shake Mix, which has the unique distinction of being both low in carbohydrates and excellent tasting! Now available in three all-natural, low calorie flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, or Berry. The Supreme Shakes contain no sugar or artificial ingredients.

Our shakes make it easier to limit calories without deprivation, allowing you to experience "Caloric Restriction Without the Restriction." The fabulous taste comes from the combination of high quality flavors and stevia, a naturally sweet herb from South America. Click here for full product details."

FYI: USA. Limit one sample per customer.

What do I have to provide:


After registration form was sent: "Thank you very much for your sample request. We will process your request as soon as possible."

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