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"Masters Cycling Launching!!

Magazine for competitive adult cyclists moving from online to print in 2009

Masters cyclists love their sport and, in Masters Cycling, they now have a magazine to love. We're are very pleased to announce the launch of Masters Cycling in 2009. It will be the only magazine that covers cycling from the Masters point of view. Printed eight times a year and delivered to directly to your mailbox, we'll offer training, nutrition, equipment, race strategy and travel advice specifically calibrated for the Masters audience. We'll cover the age-group national championships for Masters riders in every cycling discipline: road, track, BMX, mountain and cyclo-cross. Triathlon, too. We also write feature stories about the trends and personalities that make Masters cycling so fun. Best of all, it's FREE for qualified Masters cyclists."

FYI: Masters Cycling magazine is free for qualified masters athletes in the United States.

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