Free Gift from Almased

A free gift from Almased. I wonder what it could be. Sometimes free gifts are wonderful and sometimes you get junk. Give it a shot to see what comes.

Information about Almased: "The convincing results of a clinical, university study with Almased® have now been published in the renowned International Journal of Obesity. In this 6-month study, overwieght men and women in the Almased® groups lost on average 42% more weight than participants on a low-fat diet. Moreover the participants lost the fat around the waist, stomach and hips, but retained valuable muscle mass and had more energy."

You have to take a look at their “Bikini Emergency” ad on their website and and answer a few questions about the ad. Then, fill out your name and address to request your Free Gift from Almased.


What do I have to provide:

Answer questions

After registration form was sent: "Thank you for contributing your comments regarding this advertisement. Please allow 2 weeks for your free gift to be delivered."

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