Free Bumper Stickers - Moms Vote Bumper Stickers

This free offer is for two different bumper stickers, one for a "MomsVote '08" Bumper Clinger and the second a "Kids Don't Vote, But Moms Do!" bumper clinger.

Quote From Site: "Free "MomsVote '08" Bumper Clinger

By hitting "submit" below, you're pledging to vote in the 2008 election. As an incentive, we'll send you a FREE "MomsVote 08" bumper clinger when you do.

Second link states same except for we'll send you a FREE "Kids Don't Vote, But Moms Do!" bumper clinger when you do."

MomsVote '08" Bumper Sticker

Kids Don't Vote, But Moms Do! Bumper Sticker

FYI: USA and Canada

What do I have to provide:


After registration form was sent: Taken to the "Tell Your Friends About MomsVote08 Stickers" on both pages.

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