Freebie Fanatic Rant

Just felt the need to apologize and rant. First off, my apologies to all for no post yesterday. It seems my Internet service provider decided it did not want to work yesterday. This included my phone and Internet. No Internet service = no post. Thank you to all who sent in free offers yesterday, I will catch up with the post.

As for the rant, I was very happy with my old Internet service provider, had them for years and NEVER, EVER had a problem with them. One day, I man from Verizon knocks on my door and presents his case of Verizon service to me. Now, usually I stop people in their tracks when they come to my door pitching products and services but for some reason I listened (must of been his lucky day or my high phone bill). I told this young man how happy I was with my old service, how I never had a problem with it and how I was very reluctant to change.

After he assured me his service was just as fast (maybe faster) and how much cheaper my phone and Internet bill will be, I decided to change.

Bad move on my part, as within the couple months I have had the new service, I have had problems twice.

So why am I writing this, I don't know. Maybe it just to let you know that you should stick with your gut instinct, maybe to let you know that the grass isn't always greener on the other side or maybe just to make me feel better. I do know that it did it to apologize to the readers of this blog.

Anyway... sorry for the rant and on to the FREEBIES!