Alpha Geek T-shirt

Quote From Site: "Rise above the establishment. Join the crusade to unite the ALPHA G33K Nation.

By bringing your friends into the "ALPHA G33K Nation", you will be hooking them up with a FREE G33K 411 subscription and plugging them into a world created exclusively for true Alpha Geeks. Not to mention you'll both be getting a free "ALPHA G33K" T-shirt*.

Enter your friend's e-mail address and G33K 411 will send them an introduction into the ultimate geek world. Both of you will receive a free "ALPHA G33K" T-shirt and your friend will thank you profusely for the rest of your life."

Alpha Geek T-shirt

Thank you Artie!


What do I have to provide:

Are you currently receiving a copy of G33K 411?
What size shirt would you like?

After registration form was sent: "Thank you for your information. We would like to confirm that this is your address: ******. Thank you for joining the Alpha Geek Nation.

You will receive your t-shirt in the next 4-6 weeks. The next issue of Geek 411 Magazine, a bi-annual publication, will be mailed to you. "

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CaliSurfer said...

Thanks Artie indeed! Good freebie! Well for the rest of the Alpha Geek nation who likes music, I know Motorola is giving away free ringtones at http://www.motorola.com/e8 under the "Hotel Cafe" for all those music G33ks, Enjoy!

Sammie said...

Yes indeed a big thank you to Artie, one of the top providers here at Freebie Fanatics. Thank you Calisurfer for the info on the ringtones.

Blade said...

looks like this one doesn't work anymore

Sammie said...

I just tried it Blade and it is still working. What kind of problem are you having? You might want to try copy and paste:


Let me know and thanks for the comment.

egosomnio said...

Still working now, in fact. Just got the tee in the mail after filling out the info about a month ago.