Free Sample of K-Y Intrigue Personal Lubricant

Fill in the easy registration form to request a free sample of K-Y Brand Intrigue Premium Personal Lubricant.

Thank you to Free-B-Baby for the sample info.

FYI: USA. While supplies last. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery of your sample.

What do I have to provide:

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After registration form was sent: Thank you for your sample request.

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Sean said...

how do i register?

Sammie said...

Click on the K-Y Brand link in the first line of the post and wait for the registration page to appear.

Anonymous said...

Is it only for the USA or other countries? I'm in Japan.

Sammie said...

USA only. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Is this real?

Sammie said...

Yes it is real.

Anonymous said...

does it come discreetly?

Sammie said...

YES it does

Anonymous said...

It maybe real but it's not for canada

Sammie said...

Please read the FYI - USA only.