Free 'Be a Bunny's Honey' Stickers

Quote From Site: "Bet you can't come up with five things cuter than a bunny. Think about it … those adorable furry little faces, button eyes, and tiny twitching noses … talk about cute overload. So the thought of wearing one is, well, just plain evil.

Bunnies and other furry animals are for lovin'—not wearing! Animals should never be fashion victims ending up as bits of trim on collars, bags, shoes, or cuffs. And they definitely should never be made into coats, pom-poms, earmuffs, or hats. Get the picture?"

Visit Peta2.com to learn more and to request your free stickers.

What do I have to provide:

Date of birth

FYI: Worldwide

After registration form was sent: Thanks for ordering our "Be a Bunny's Honey" stickers. You'll receive your free stickers in just a few weeks. We know that it's pretty cool to get stuff just for clicking a button, but why not do something to help animals, too, while you're at it? Join the peta2 Street Team!

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