Free T-Shirt from Eight 76 Records

Another BIG thank you to Colleen for sending me this free t-shirt offer! This one is for a free t-shirt from Eight 76 Records.

Quote From Site: "Eight76 Records is on a mission to bring the best and brightest in Jamaican music to the universe. By completing this brief questionnaire you will become part of the Eight76 Movement and be eligible to receive special gifts and promotions.

Be sure to send your address to be eligible to RECEIVE YOUR FREE T-SHIRT"

Visit Eight 76 Records to learn more and request your free t-shirt.

or copy and paste: http://www.eight76records.net/forms/movement.htm

What do I have to provide:

Date of birth
Short survey
Phone number
Opt in box

FYI: Unknown who is eligible, looks like worldwide.

After registration form was sent: You are now a part of the movement. Thank you.

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