Free Kids Board Game "Staying Alive, Lost in the Mountians"

Another freebie for the children, this one being a free board game called " Staying Alive, Lost in the Mountains".

Quote From Site: "Get kids excited about healthy eating with Staying Alive! Lost in the Mountains – the new, kid-cool adventure board game where food means survival.
Kids will travel through the mountains, learning that their success in the game is dependent on healthy food. Nutritious foods will give them the energy points needed to get through the trek – having a positive impact on their real-life food choices."

Visit the Eat Right Be Bright website to learn more about this product and to request your free board game.


What do I have to provide:

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FYI: Worldwide. ** Log in or register when you visit the Eat Right Be Bright website, then click the board game banner on the left side of the page to order. **

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