What came in the mail - 2/16/07

Freebie samples in the mailbox 2/16/07

Slowertraffickeepright.com Free Bumper Sticker

Gillette Fusion - sample expired. Walmart samples always change (keep checking)

Schick Quattro - old link is expired, try new link.

Aquafresh Extreme Clean

Rhinaris Nasal Relief

M of the Face - website states "The Samples Season is having a break. The Samples Season'll return any time soon." (keep checking)

Ocean White facial samples - link for samples seems to be expired. Offer for free product(s) with order.

Free Soy Tart - great smelling tart. Personally, I will order candles from this company.

Thanks to everyone for all the e-mails. Keep sending in those freebies! Any ideas (should we add sweepstakes to blog, more coupon, etc..), let me know. Enjoy your freebies.

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